5 Tips on Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page

You’ve heard time and time again that you need to set up a business page on Facebook. Maybe you created a profile with your company name. Maybe you created a business page, but it’s a little on the unimpressive side. If you’re not really sure how to set up a business page or what to do with it once you’ve set it up, here are some quick tips to jump start it.

  1. If you haven’t done so already, create your business page. A business page is different from a profile in many ways. First, you can acquire lots of valuable, analytical information that will help you fine tune your marketing strategy. Second, you can add managers and administrators to your page without having to give them log in credentials. Third, while you are limited to how many friends you can have on a profile, there is no limit as to how many people can follow your page.
  2. Customize your URL… but WAIT, before you do, make sure that the URL you choose is consistent among all your social profiles and it reflects your brand appropriately.
  3. Upload a profile and cover image that reflects your brand and contains your logo. If you choose to use a photo of yourself, please make sure it is professional and, again, reflects your brand. That picture of you shooting down tequila in Cancun should not be on your business page… ever.
  4. Take advantage of your friends list. Invite them to LIKE your page. People are usually pretty responsive to invites.
  5. Fill out the ABOUT section. At bare minimum, describe your business, include products and services, add links to your website and social spaces, and make sure to include contact information.

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