Shane Scoggins

I worked with Paola directly while she was the Marketing Director at Tatyana Boutiques. Paola has such an amazing understanding of social media and the power that it hold for a business. While she was the Marketing Director, she was able to personally bring up advertising ideas that were best suited for the location that …

defining: WOMEN

Love me some Paola Angelica Seminario… just got off a great social media consultation call!! She is so creative!! You’ve got to contact her and get your social media AMP’d UP!!!

Glenn Student

I worked side by side with Paola Seminario for the better part of this year at Tatyana Boutique and have also hired her to do social media marketing for my own company as well. She really knows her stuff. She is very organized and detail oriented. I watched the company’s social media engagement rise quickly …

Media Cookery

Paola knows social media. She’s very savvy with the latest platforms and has a knack for learning and staying on top of new media developments. This is vital when seeking a marketing consultant to assist your business in navigating the ever-changing landscape of the new, technology-driven marketplace.

The Healthy Habit Coach

Paola Seminario is focused and extremely social media savvy. Her skills are wonderfully complemented by her bright mind and great heart. She is task oriented with the “big picture” always in focus.

Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds

Thank you for the services you provided to our agency. It was a pleasure working with you and we appreciate the amount of time you spent developing our campaign.     

Cathay Consultants

Paola Angelica Seminario‘s a lifesaver. Launching my 1st MailChimp campaign today, Paola came to my rescue and resolved my “finger problems” in minutes. Campaign launched successfully. Thanks Paola. You’re “the bomb”!

Submit Your Article To Make A Positive Change

Would you like to contribute to SocialMedia for SocialChange? We are currently looking for article submissions. Rules: Articles should be written in second or third person and should NOT be self-promoting. Articles should about a topic that brings positive change. They can be about awareness, philanthropic and nonprofit organizations that are positively affecting society, events …

Why You Should Identify Your Buyer Persona

When I meet with potential clients, I always ask them to identify their target demographic, also known as buyer persona. Sometimes they may respond by saying that they don’t have a “target” or that they want anyone that will buy their products and services. Other times they might not know what their buyer persona looks …