Make A Splash With Social Media

Make a Splash With Social Media


It’s summertime! Hot, sunny days, barbeques on the weekends, and making a splash at some pool somewhere… So how are you going to make a splash with your social media game plan? Is it ready? If it’s not, what are you waiting for? Summertime is a great time to boost your social media. People are looking to get out of the house and go shopping, have dinner with friends, go to events and participate in activities.

What kind of business do you have? Do you have a food truck, flower shop, or a retail store? Maybe you sell homes or have an events and promotions business? No matter what you do, you can leverage social media to give your business a boost. So, how exactly do you do that?

Social media will not work if you just post about your products and services and talk about how great your business is. Social media works best when people are engaged. This is why summer time is a great time of year for social. You can create real life events, tell people about them on social media, use the Facebook, Google, and Yelp events to invite your following, promote the event on all of your social platforms, then talk about it in real time on social as people are mixing and mingling at your event.

Some things to note that will help make your event (or promotion) and social media efforts successful are:

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute. Make sure you plan in advance so you have plenty of time to plan the event properly. Asides from planning the event, it also takes time to write the content, create graphics, push the event out and get people talking about it.
  2. Know your target market. So many times, people say, “I just want to get as many people through the doors or bring in as much money as possible.” This is simply ineffective. I have a retail client who sells furnishings and items for babies and young kids. What good would it do them to get 100 single, career minded people through the door, who had no kids and no intentions of starting a family at this time? The event would not be very successful. Knowing your target will help you promote your event to the right audience… in this example, their primary target would be expectant parents and parents of young children.
  3. Give them something to talk about. This means, don’t just promote the event and what great deals they’re going to get. Of course you want to let them know if there are going to specials and discounts, but so what? They can go online and find specials and discounts on just about anything without having to show up to your store. If you are going to have a special guest, prizes that will only be available during the event, or special activities for that day only, make sure you talk about that.
  4. Humanize your business and get personal. In preparation for the event, take some behind the scenes shots of the staff, the store, and details about how the event is unfolding. This is super important. This will give your event a personal touch. I say this repeatedly… People want to do business with businesses that they feel they have a relationship with.
  5. Practice what you preach. How can you expect anyone in your circles to share and talk about your event if you don’t? Social media is not magic. Create and promote your event on your business pages and then share it on your personal profiles. This will let people know about your business and leverage your personal contacts to help promote it. Be careful not to overdo it by only talking about your business on your personal profiles, but do invite your connections and ask them to share. You’ll be surprised how effective that can be.

Social media is about merging technology and people to build relationships. Taking your offline relationships online and taking your online relationships offline so that you can connect with other human beings. You can leverage social media to help your business grow.

And on that note… have a great summer! I hope to see you online!




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