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Would you like to contribute to SocialMedia for SocialChange? We are currently looking for article submissions.


  • Articles should be written in second or third person and should NOT be self-promoting.
  • Articles should about a topic that brings positive change. They can be about awareness, philanthropic and nonprofit organizations that are positively affecting society, events that people can get involved in, etc. Examples of topics include but are not limited to human trafficking, political awareness, health, GMOs, LGBT, homelessness, philanthropy, relationships, animal rights, etc.
  • Include tags and links to the people, organizations, and events that you are writing about.
  • Articles should be diplomatic and encourage a conversation. Often people will express differing views. We will support respectful debate of topics.
  • Verify your information. If you are unsure if the information is correct, please take the time to research and verify before you post.

Together we can have a monumental positive impact on the world.

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