Why You Shouldn’t Buy Facebook LIKEs

When you’re just getting started with you Facebook page for business, it would seem like a good idea to buy Facebook LIKEs so it appears that you have a substantial following right? WRONG!

  • Buying LIKEs does not increase business. It is the equivalent of buying friends in real life. Often times, companies that sell LIKEs have an arsenal of fake profiles that they use to make it appear that your Facebook page is growing, but it’s really not. None, if any, of those profiles will actually engage with your page. Real profiles that engage with your page are far more valuable.
  • Buying LIKEs might make it appear that you have a fabulously large entourage, but even if they are real people, they aren’t there for the right reasons. You could end up with a considerable amount of spammers. Then you have to sort through all the junk mail to get to the people who actually want to know about your product or service. By the time you get through that, you’ll be too exhausted to respond to real followers. You will lose the interest of the people you wanted to attract in the first place.
  • If people who are genuinely interested in your business find out that you bought most of your LIKEs, you lose credibility. People want to interact with people authentic and real.

If you are willing and able to spend some money to build your page, you are far better off creating engaging Facebook ads that result in increased LIKEs. So what is the difference? Creating captivating Facebook posts and ads that are irresistible to viewers will draw in people who authentically enjoy your content. (They are coming to you). Just like the food you eat, organic is best. You can gain an organic following by posting great content. In both cases, they will be far more likely to revisit your page and read, like, comment and share your posts. This can eventually translate to a loyal following that will buy your product or service.

The bottom line is, social media is about building and nurturing relationships. Those are the relationships that will help you build your business. You can’t buy that.

For more ideas on generating an organic and loyal following, visit my website and LIKE my Facebook page.

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